Nutritional Labeling

Precision Accuracy

Understanding FDA’s legislation and regulations can be confusing. Let Accelerated provide the analytical data needed to generate a compliant nutritional label for your product. We follow the strict FDA guidelines in our analyses to ensure your compliance with labeling requirements. As part of our service we will give you your label in .jpeg format for easy integration into your product artwork.

Expert Consultation

Accelerated doesn’t just provide you results, we provide you answers. Our seasoned team of consultants can assist you in choosing a label that is appropriate for your products as well as meeting the FDA’s label requirement regulations.

Our service typically includes:

  • NLEA/FDA Compliant Nutrition Fact Panel Creation
  • Ingredient Statement
  • Allergen Declaration
  • Serving Size & Servings Per Container Determined

Cost effective Solutions

Accelerated can offer you several different nutritional packages to suit your needs as well as individual options. Contact Us to discuss your unique situation and we will work towards building you a long-term solution.