About Accelerated Cannabis Laboratories

Accelerated Cannabis Laboratories, located in Milwaukee WI, is an FDA audited GMP Laboratory, USDA DATCP accredited, EPA registered, ISO 17025 accredited company. Founded by David Metzger, a leading expert on the chemistry and microbiology of Cannabis, Accelerated Labs exists solely to focus on the analytical study of Cannabis and its many beneficial by-products.

Our Charter

Our founder’s charter for Accelerated and to the scientists within it is to bring a scientific understanding of the Cannabis plant to growers so that those growers can make good business decisions based upon robust, rugged scientific methodology.

Our Goals

We exist solely to serve our customers and to give them the best scientific data available. This means we will go above and beyond to not only provide results using the most advanced technology available today, but to provide fast sample turn around and a thorough explanation of your results. We are here to help customers identify which tests are most valuable to suit their specific needs as well as to explain what the numbers mean.